BP PR Plus 200

The BradyPrinter model BP-PR™ PLUS series is a rugged industrial printer range that is an ideal printing solution that meets the professional needs of Product Identification and Traceability applications in the industrial market, particularly the electronics, electrical, telecommunication area as well as the laboratory environment.

The BP-PR™ PLUS also allows frequent change for materials which use different core diameters, yet maintain critical print registration.

Features Include

  • Accessories i.e cutter, rewind unit and peel-off sensor can interchange quickly and with ease
  • Plug and Play Capability of standard keyboard and scanner with USB interface
  • Variety of materials ranging from paper through to high temperature polyamide
  • Printer configured to allow easy change between material core diameters
  • Allows frequent change of material, reducing waste
  • 4 line Display White backlight guarantees legible display
  • Clearer symbols and international languages including Chinese
  • Navigator Pad - Simple operation, with an interactive menu prompting only the available functions are readable
  • 203 and 300 dpi printheads can be replaced in few easy steps
  • Easy to create simple label designs in stand-alone mode
  • Easy failure/cause detection - reduces downtime of printer Software
  • Labeling software supplied


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