IP Printer System

The Brady IP™ Series Printer is part of a complete printing solution. It is the first thermal transfer industrial printer that uses smart cell technology to communicate with the material, ribbon and software.

Smart Cell Technology: Printer communicates with software, materials and ribbons making printing easy. Load Brady IP™ enabled material and the software recognises it. Visually check the printer and material info using the status monitor on the PC.

Intelligence by Design

  • No more calibration for notched, die-cut or continuous material.
  • Centre justified material guides keep a consistent print image.
  • Easy loading with straight feed path.
  • Brady IP Ribbon design keeps printing clear

Intuitive LCD Display

  • Correct material/ribbon match displayed.
  • Sensor position visually shown.
  • Monitors material and ribbon usage.
  • Intelligent troubleshooting with corrective action.

Printer is ready for work

  • Thermal transfer, 105 mm wide, 300dpi or 600dpi.
  • Lightweight, flip top, compact design.
  • USB, serial and 10/100 Ethernet is standard.


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