Design & integration software

Advanced label design & integration software
Whether your are managing assets and resources, controlling distribution channels and stock levels, tracking documents, or managing data records, CODESOFT™ 9 provides a powerful solution for your organisation’s most advanced labelling projects.

What is new in CODESOFT™9

  • Redesigned ergonomically for more instinctive usability
  • View labels and data in the same screen
  • Dynamic view of label changes
  • Wizards for database connections, table lookup, formulae, bar codes, images, documents, templates and more
  • SQL Query Builder
  • Database connections created in 2 easy steps
  • Label creation wizards create labels in half the time
  • Label comparison tool for previewing labels for design validation or production
  • Advanced Features: choose .NET wrapper or ActiveX for custom integration
  • 1 year Service Maintenance Agreement (SMA) is included in every purchase

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